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Updated: May 9

It has been a couple of hard days for me...

I can tell you wholeheartedly: Life is not meant to be easy.

I came to a conclusion...

I think that the ones still here for a matter of choice... or age are survivors; even those with "comfortable" life have challenges, and those too can be considered survivors.. the question is if we want to survive or live.

I considered survivors because that's what we do every day until we realize we must live. Eating, bathing, and doing mundane things are considered survivors; those who enjoy events, even the most insignificant moments, they live.

Survivors will ask themselves...

Is it worth it to continue living the way I am?

Funny that we assume that creating a monotone routine is considered living..

And when finding an answer to this question, people will hit you with the..

"Things are going to get better."

It is very hard to trust those words because there is no certainty to them.. and because it works for them, it does mean they will do the same for you.

But I will tell you the truth. Life is not meant to be easy. You need to cry, laugh, think, experience, meet people, make mistakes, learn, and enjoy. But guess what? Nobody can give you those... only you.

You have a choice to make and realize that surviving is not the same as living and that living is not meant to be easy is a hard truth.

These days, or may this year, have changed my thinking. I can change things, but I can change how I look at those things. That's why I realized... If and if I start to experience the world in a way a people who live do.. maybe it. may be easier. Understanding that it will never get easy, but changing how I look at situations and realizing problems are temporary, and even if we get more... is the same, it is only a moment in life, a small moment compared to this of this great adventure we call "life."

Do you agree?

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