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Night Out...

Updated: May 9


1-800 Lucky has become one of my favorites to have dinner or eat when I usually go out at night with my friend.

Based on my experience, P L E A S E has dinner before you party with your friends.

Things that work for me when going out:

Tip #1 -Advil

Having Advil after drinking generally helped with the headache the next day.


Right before drinking it, just help your body not to get drunk that easily, mostly if you are a lightweight

Tip #3 - W A T E R!

Believe ME! I hope you and your friends are staying hydrated. It makes a big difference the next day; the more you pee, the better you feel.

Tip #5 - Dont Drive

If you go to Wynwood out of place, uber, or Lyft, I will not recommend you park there, not a nice experience. Even though it may be annoying to find an Uber after still better than driving around it.


It's unnecessary to dress up to some clubs in Wynwood, except places such as MAYAMI and other clubs. They don't have a strict code. Men, no hats or shorts allowed. Women no workout clothes or 'Chancletas.'

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